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  • When Puma Gambled On Boris Becker

    Boris Becker's 1986 Wimbledon Winning Singature Pumas

    Although Wimbledon 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Boris Becker successfully defending the title he won in 1985 when he became the youngest men’s Wimbledon champion of all time, also marks the payoff of one of the biggest gambles that Puma took in its entire history. During the 1984 tennis season rumours of a new young German tennis prodigy […]

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  • Stan’s Our Man!


    I’m really pleased to announce that the legendary Stan Smith will be writing the foreword to Golden Kicks. Stan remains high up in the pantheon of international sneaker icons and was a leading figure in 1970s tennis, winning Grand Slams in both singles and doubles tours and was Wimbledon champion in 1972. After teaming up with adidas to endorse […]